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Commercial: Interior & Exterior


At Contractors Choice Painting, we have always taken a great deal of pride in the character and craftsmanship that serve as the foundation of our standard practices. We can promise that the same attention to detail and excellence that we apply in our clients' homes will be put to work in your commercial space. In fact, a number of our projects have been the result of working first at the private residences of commercial property owners.
Because we understand the importance of operating in a way that is convenient for you, our painting services are also extremely efficient and fast. And, through the strategic use of specialized products like low-VOC paint (carries no odor), we can meet your maintenance needs in a way that minimally impacts your operations.


We often hear the term "curb appeal" used in reference to homes, but it is an equally important concept in the world of commercial real-estate. Your clients and guests will form their opinions of your establishment quickly, making this first impression a critical opportunity.
At Contractors Choice Painting, we have been helping our clients maintain a stylish, beautiful exterior for their property since 2007. As one of the top Chattanooga commercial painting companies, we not only provide quality products and services, but we are known for working in a fast, efficient, non-intrusive way.

What Do We Offer?

  • Flexible working hours to accommodate your schedule and/or deadline
  • Careful surface preparation
  • Thorough protection of your property
  • High-quality applications
  • A respectful, conscientious work environment
  • The peace of mind that comes from working with a licensed and insured professional
  • A continual focus on safety and training
  • Professional, invested, trustworthy painters
  • Fast, efficient work